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Mark Overweg Product Design and Campaign
Product design, mindreader pendant 2014

Mark Overweg The Happy Paper
the happy paper 2014

Mark Overweg typeface poster
Typface poster Gill Sans 2013

Mark Overweg n-the-new-putting
n-the-new-putting 2014

Mark Overweg word and image sequence
Word and image sequence 2014

Mark Overweg what design can do
what design can do 2014

Mark Overweg Movement
Movement 2014

Mark Overweg The Do-wat-you-want-if-you-want-to-but-do-it!-Assignment
Do what you want 2014

Meerdere auteurs Twente Biennale
Twente Biennale 2013

Mark Overweg Come Fly With Me
Come fly with me 2012

Mark Overweg about primary and secondary colors
about primary and secondary colors 2013

Mark Overweg i like it but it hurts me
i like it, but it hurts 2012
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